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Nice bungalow parks in the Netherlands – vetlife

Would you rather stay in the Netherlands this holiday? No problem. You don’t have to leave the Netherlands for a nice holiday. In this blog I have listed a number of nice bungalow parks. Now just hope for good weather. Walibi Village If you have children this is one of …

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Tasty recipes for lunch

A cheese sandwich for lunch is nice and easy. However, it is better for your health to vary. This way you get enough various nutrients. Moreover, that cheese sandwich gets boring after a while. In this blog you will get inspiration for other lunch dishes. Lunch with egg With an …

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Baking with children – vetlife

Is the weather bad for a day? This is ideal for baking with your child(ren). They are sweet for a few hours and can get creative. Did you know that being creative is good for brain development? In this blog I will inspire you with a number of recipes that …

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