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When the weather is warm you would like to barbecue almost every day. The same dishes over and over again gets boring. In this blog I will give you inspiration for new recipes for the BBQ.


For this gently cooked beef all you need is beef, neutral oil and barbecue sauce. Make sure your BBQ is at the right temperature and the meat has been removed from the fridge an hour before. If you like to combine meat and vegetables is this burger with grilled vegetables, hummus and feta recommended. You can easily make this recipe vegetarian by replacing the burger with a vegetarian burger. Check out for more inspiration these recipes for marinated meat.


Salmon can be grilled very tasty with a BBQ. In this recipe it is combined with, among other things, garlic, peppers and pepper. By using aluminum foil you can grill fish well on the BBQ, such as with these fish packages with cod or white fish. Just like meat skewers, you can also eat fish a skewer prepare. You can therefore easily combine it with vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes.


There are many types of vegetables that you can prepare on the BBQ. You can also eat vegetables grilling with aluminum foil. You can also combine different vegetables on a skewer. Met this recipe with chickpeas and vegetables you also get protein right away.


Who says you have to eat meat or fish during a BBQ? There are plenty of vegetarian options. Most supermarkets also sell ready-made meat substitutes for the BBQ, for example burgers and sausages. How about a tender offer burger by Hamburger?

For example, if you want to eat more pure you can tofu satay by a spicy tofu skewer to make. Ready-to-eat meat substitutes often contain a lot of salt. Because of this, it is better not to eat this too often and opt for a less unprocessed product. Are you more of a tempeh lover? Then enjoy sticky tempeh spareribs by tempeh bacon.

side dishes

You can make side dishes on the BBQ or serve on the side. This one baked potatoes are delicious to make on the BBQ. Do you eat vegan? Then replace the butter with low-fat margarine. A salad is nice and fresh at a BBQ. For example, make coleslaw with apple by Potato salad.

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