City trip in the Netherlands

Beautiful typical dutch dancing houses at the Amsterdam canal Damrak in sunny day, Holland, Netherlands.

People often think about a city trip abroad, while the Netherlands also has a lot to offer. In this blog I have listed a number of nice cities.


In 2018, this city was named the European Capital of Culture. It was also named the best city trip in the Netherlands in 2019 by Zoover. Visit the Fries Museum to learn more about the countryside of Friesland. Of course you will also learn more about the famous eleven cities tour.

Leeuwarden also has nice sights such as the leaning tower Oldehove from 1529. Leeuwarden has a total of 600 national monuments, such as the railway station, the nature museum Fryslân and the St. Boniface Church.


Utrecht is a warm city with many canals. It is also called the Dom City because of the Dom Tower. You can climb this to enjoy a hot view over the city.

Do you like water? Then you can explore the Utrecht canals with a pedal boat, sup-board, sloop, boat or canoe.

Wharf cellars are located along the canals, which were originally storage areas for goods. These wharf cellars have now been converted into hotels, shops and restaurants.

Utrecht has a lot of choice in terms of restaurants. There are wine restaurants, street food restaurants and vegan restaurants. If you feel like alcohol, there are also plenty of options, such as the rum club in Cocktail bar behind the bars.


Vlissingen has been named 2019 by Zoover as the 2nd best city trip in the Netherlands. This is the place to be if you like the beach and sea. Vlissingen has the longest sea boulevard in the Netherlands. In addition, it also has the cleanest beaches in the Netherlands and the most hours of sunshine. Ideal if you are looking for a place to sunbathe on the beach. It also has wonderful seafood restaurants.

If you like culture you can, for example, take the Zeeland Maritime muZEEum, visit the Arsenal or the Delta Works. Here you will learn about sea creatures, pirates and the flood disaster in 1953.

Do you want to spend the night? Then read the blog ‘special overnight stays in the Netherlands’?

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