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Groningen is a good destination if you want to combine culture and shopping. The city center has many shops and you can also admire monuments. Moreover, Groningen is very pleasant. You can read more about it in this blog.


Some stores in Groningen are in medieval buildings, so you can even enjoy the culture while shopping. You will find several shops with well-known brands and (luxury) vintage here. You will also find unique shops here that you will not find elsewhere.

These squares and shopping streets you should definitely visit:
-The big market
-The Crooked Elbow
-Old Look in ‘t Jatstraat
-Fish market and Herestraat

The Grote Markt is also called the Vismarkt. There is a market from Tuesday to Saturday, where you can go for food, for example.


The thousand-year-old street pattern is still present in Groningen. In addition, there are many monuments from different periods to admire. Visit for example the Aletta Jacobs monument or the ‘Peerd van Ome Loeks’.
If you are sporty you can use the Climbing the Martini Tower. This tower is the highest point in Groningen. You have a view over the city at about 100 meters altitude.

city ​​beach

This city beach is more than 4,000 m2. There is a submarine made of car tires, which is seen as art and play equipment. Sports events are regularly organized in the summer, such as Frisbee City League, sports tournaments and boot camp training.


There is plenty of choice in terms of food in Groningen, from American to South African food. In the brew bistro Dokjard you can enjoy a nice beer and a snack. It is located in an old warehouse.

If you like games you should really go to the restaurant rump goes. Here you can play on the ping pong table or pinball machines. The menu is completely vegan, so everyone can go here. A new menu is drawn up every three weeks.

The urban restaurant Florentin is also nice to visit. It is located in an Old Gas Factory. You can relax here and enjoy street food.

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