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A zoo is a fun and educational outing at the same time. In this blog you can read about a number of different zoos in the Netherlands.


This famous zoo is located in Amsterdam. In the summer various activities are organized during the day. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is an evening program including a love route. Meanwhile, you can enjoy music played by the Conservatory of Amsterdam.
Do you also want to learn about micro-organisms? Then visit the adjacent Micropia. This is an educational museum that has been awarded the most innovative and award-winning museum in Europe.


As the name suggests you will find in this park different monkey species in Apeldoorn. The monkeys roam free here, so you can admire them up close. The Apenheul was created when founder Wim Mager bought two dwarf monkeys in the pet store in 1971. Then he started the Apenheul idea, where the principle is that people enjoy animals more when the animals are happy.
Fun fact: In France there is also a park with the Apenheul principle.

Ouwehands zoo

This park is located in Rhenen. Ouwehands Zoo is committed to the survival of rare and endangered species by collaborating with other zoos on international breeding programs for endangered species.

In this park you can admire giant pandas and bonobos. Bonobos are great apes. You can also go on an Expedition in the Berenbos. Kids can have fun like a monkey in Ravotapia. This is Europe’s largest indoor play jungle.

Burgers’ Zoo

This ‘royal’ animal park is located in Arnhem. In 2013, this park received this certificate on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. The park organizes a lot various activities such as evening lectures, children’s lectures and a nursery program ‘Getting up in the Rimba’. You can also a themed walk to learn about ageing in animals and plants, among other things.

In this park you can next animals also plants to admire. Special plants can be seen, such as the cocoa tree, calabash tree and pandan.

Zoo Blijdorp

this park is located in Rotterdam. This is one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands. If you’re still going this year you can visit a not so long ago born sea ​​lions, slender lories, Asian elephant and black rhinoceros. The black rhinoceros is an endangered species. Do you want to know which other animals you can see? Then check this page.

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