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In addition to all zoos in the Netherlands, there are also special places where mainly aquatic animals can be admired. In this article you can read about some of these places.


This animal park is very spacious and has many hiking trails. Ideal if you like walking. Keep your shoe choice in mind, because there are many adventurous routes where your feet are difficult to stay dry.

Sea aquarium

This great underwater world is located in the North Holland town of Bergen aan Zee. You can admire 367 different fish species here, such as seahorses, clown fish and starfish. The aquarium consists of 870451 liters of water and is full of a total of 3980 fish.


This famous park you can visit in Harderwijk. If you want to go away for a night, it is nice to combine it with, for example, a day trip to Walibi. There are many animals to admire. Besides of course dolphins, including walruses, Steller sea lions, rays and sharks.

You can choose different performances such as Oceanica, where you will learn about the natural and unnatural threats to dolphins in the wild. If your child wants to cast a spell about the Dolphinarium, you can pick up a special speech pack. In short, a fun day for young and old.

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