Dishes from Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine is known for spicy and spicy food. Vegetarian dishes are also often used. In these blogs you can read more about Indian dishes.

Dahl (fall/valley)

Dahl is also referred to as a kind of soup by laymen. However, it is not eaten as a soup. This dish is made from legumes, for example dried lentils or peas. It is cooked into a bee with herbs and spices. It is often combined with vegetables and eaten with roti, chapati, rice or naan. chapati is a type of thin bread made from wheat flour. It looks a bit like a pita bread or wrap.


This brood is made from sourdough wheat flour. It is baked in a clay oven, tava (slightly spherical iron grid) or tandoor (clay oven from Asian cuisine). The Dutch also call it ‘naan bread’. However, ‘naan’ already means bread, making you say ‘bread’ twice. There are different variants of naan, such as naan with garlic and/or cheese. In Indian cuisine, it is eaten with dishes, such as curry or dahl. The dish is then eaten with the naan instead of cutlery. You can also eat it as bread for lunch with a dip. However, this is not common in Indian cuisine.


Curry is often eaten in India, because this is a dish that can easily be made vegetarian. Originally, a large part of the inhabitants in India is vegetarian. This has recently become less due to Western influences. The basis of the Indian curry is garlic, ginger and onion. No curry pastes are used and only whole or ground spices. There are dry and wet curries. The ‘wet curries’ contain more moisture due to the added coconut milk. With the dry curries only a little moisture is used for cooking. This is boiled until the moisture has dissolved.


samosas can be eaten as an appetizer or side dish. It is triangular, deep-fried and made of puff pastry or filo pastry. The filling is always potatoes. In addition, chickpeas, chicken meat, peas and/or coriander are also used. It is eaten with chutney. This is a sweet and sour seasoning that is used as a sauce and added to sauces or stews. Chutney often contains vegetables and/or fruit. A well-known variant is the mango chutney.

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