Good books to get more knowledge about nutrition

Books written by I’m a foodie

The platform I’m a foodie is a evidence-based food collective which is managed by various professionals, such as dietitians and nutrition scientists. There are several books written by them such as ‘Eat Like an Expert’ and ‘Eat Like an Athlete’. Their latest book’Intuitive eating‘ is a translation of the English book ‘Intuitive eating’ written by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.

Books written by Martijn Katan

Martijn Katan is professor of nutrition at the Free University of Amsterdam. He has written several books, such as “Nutrition Myths” and “What’s Healthy?”. These books explain most of the fables based on scientific research. It is written simply and you can also use it by just looking up certain topics.

Fat important

This book was written by internist in training Mariëtte Boon and internist-endocrinologist Liesbeth van Rossum. Liesbeth is professor of obesity and biological stress research at Erasmus MC. In the book you can read all the fables and facts about nutrition, hidden fat people, fat burning and body fat. All information is scientifically substantiated and the latest scientific insights are used.

Books written by

Like I am a Foodie, this platform is scientifically based and the team consists of experts. This website was the website of the year in 2018 and 2019. does not only focus on nutrition and weight loss, but also on fitness. The team has written a number of books, namely ‘Stronger‘, ‘slimmer‘ and the ‘the Fit method‘. With the book ‘the Fit Method’ you can choose to also get their app. The app helps you achieve your personal goals, for example through fitness schedules and insight into your progress. The book ‘Slanker’ also discusses behavioral change and obstacles while working towards achieving your goal. By gaining insight into this, you have a better chance of sustaining your behavioral change.

Books written by Jaap Seidell

Jaap Seidell is professor of nutrition and health. Among other things, he has the books ‘The Food Labyrinth’, ‘Juggling with food’ and ‘Other food’ written. In the book ‘Other costs’ you can read how you can live healthier and more sustainably. Together with author Jutka Halberstadt, Jaap gives you insight into the connection between the major climate problems and our food.

All of the above books are written in a way that almost anyone can read the books. Few technical terms are used. If technical terms are used, it is explained what they mean.

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