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With the warm weather, a coffee is quickly too hot. Fortunately, you can easily make an iced coffee. Then you have your shot of caffeine. Below you can read a number of simple and more extensive recipes for iced coffee.

Basic recipe

This recipe with lungo or a double espresso is made within 1 minute. If you are vegan, choose a plant-based milk variant.

Chocolate iced coffee

This iced coffee
instantly feeds your Nutella addiction. In addition to Nutella, hazelnuts are also used. This gives it extra flavour. For the vegans this dark chocolate recipe is a good choice. I

Biscuits iced coffee

Instead of a cookie with the coffee, you can also put cookies in your coffee. Bee this recipe amaretti biscuits are used. Iced coffee is also very tasty with Bastogne or Oreo cookies.

Iced coffee with garnish

In this recipe it is made slightly sweeter by honey and nougatine for garnish. If you love chocolate is this recipe really something for you. The iced coffee is topped with whipped cream, chocolate curls and chocolate powder. For lovers of exotic drinks is a Vietnamese iced coffee recommended. Coin is used as a garnish. This recipe with whipped cream, nougat, caramel syrup and caramel is ideal when you have something to celebrate.

Iced coffee with ice

Iced coffee is even better with ice instead of ice cubes. give it a try this variant with vanilla ice cream. You can replace the vanilla ice cream with any ice cream you like. How about an iced coffee with pistachio or chocolate.

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