Mocktail recipes for the summer


Do you love cocktails, but would you rather not drink alcohol? No problem! There are still plenty of choices for you. Mocktails are non-alcoholic cocktails prepared with, among other things, soft drinks, fruit, syrups and fruit juices. I have selected the best mocktails for you.

Mocktails with fruit

Fruit provides a refreshing taste to your mocktail. Do you like ginger? Then choose this one mocktail with summer fruit and ginger. Thanks to the frozen fruit, you don’t have to spend time peeling or cutting fruit. In addition to the refreshing taste, this drink also has a warming taste due to the addition of the 5-spice spices.

If you like sweet drinks, the Mocktail with strawberry daiquiri perfect. Because of the strawberry lemonade syrup, strawberry fruit spread and fresh strawberries, this variant tastes intensely like strawberries. If you don’t like strawberries, you can replace the strawberry ingredients with another fruit.

Mocktails with coffee

Tired of a long working day? Then try a variant with coffee. Guaranteed that you will get an energy kick. Even if you just love coffee, these mocktails are a must. This one Chai coffee mocktail is a combination of tea and coffee. Chai means tea. All the times you’ve ordered chai tea at Starbucks, you actually said ‘tea tea’.

Do you want a fresher version? Then make the mocktail coconut water with espresso. A big advantage of this mocktail: it contains only 4 ingredients.

Are you a loyal iced coffee drinker? Then you need this espresso crodino mocktail to attempt. It tastes fresh with a hint of bitter and sweet. This mocktail is also suitable if you don’t have a coffee machine. You make it with instant coffee.

Mocktails met you

If you like tea more than coffee, there is also plenty to choose from. This one Kombucha ginger mocktail with green tea tastes fresh because of the lime and mint. You can also adjust the flavor of the kombucha. This one chai tea mocktail contains no coffee. This allows you to take it later in the day without sleepless nights due to the caffeine. If you don’t drink normal milk, you can opt for almond milk.

If you like anise this is it fennel tea mocktail something for you. It contains fennel tea and fennel green, which has an aniseed taste.

Do you prefer to drink your drink with alcohol? Then read the blog ‘The best cocktail recipes for the summer’.

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