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If you would like to learn how to cook better, read on. In this blog I have listed a number of good cooking workshops. Even if you can cook well, you can still learn from the online cooking workshops, aimed at vegetarian cooking or Indian cooking.

Vegetarian cooking workshops

More and more people occasionally eat vegetarian food. They are also called flexitarians. During these workshops you will learn to prepare a delicious vegetarian meal. There is also plenty of choice in terms of vegetarian cooking workshops.

Cooking studio Peter pan
Bee this workshop you will learn to prepare various vegetarian appetizers, main courses and desserts. After the workshop you can enjoy a crispy pizza with marinated pumpkin, horseradish cream and chives. This cooking studio is rated with a score of 9.4.

The Vegetarian Sister
These workshops are aimed at putting together a meal without missing or needing the meat. The meals contain the important nutrients found in meat. One of the sisters has followed the vegetarian cooking course ‘De Natuurkeuken’ at the Green Cooking Academy.

In addition to cooking workshops, they also organize a digital course Vegachallenge. You will learn step by step in six lessons about how to eat healthy vegetarian food. No use is made of ready-made meat substitutes. With natural foods you can already get the important nutrients from meat, such as protein and vitamin B12.

Indian cooking workshops

Bee Koksland you can follow different Indian cooking workshops. You can choose a general workshop or a workshop aimed at autumn or Christmas. There is also a short hare pepper making workshop.

You can also follow these workshops in your own time. You will spend about 4 hours in the workshop for a 3-course menu.

cooking battle

If you like a challenge, you can go wild during a cooking battle. At cooking studio Peter Pan you can have a cooking battle organized for your colleagues or family, for example.

Even if not everyone is an advanced cook, this can be a nice outing. The level can be adjusted. During a battle you really get to know your colleagues or family.

The cooking is judged by a jury on performance, speed and cooperation.


If you are an advanced cook, you can opt for a masterclass. Cheflix is -as the name suggests- a kind of Netflix for cooking workshops. You can follow masterclasses from the best Michelin star chefs via Cheflix. For example, there are master classes by Ron Blaauw, known as the chef of Ron Gastrobar.

For a few euros per month you can follow unlimited masterclasses. You can also choose when you want to follow these masterclasses.

Do you have no patience for following a workshop? Then be inspired by the blog ‘Summer recipes for dinner’ and get to work in the kitchen yourself.

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