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This sunny country in Southeastern Europe also has green travel advice. A big advantage of going on holiday to Bulgaria is that you don’t in quarantine need. In this blog you can read nice places that you can visit in Bulgaria.


This is the capital of Bulgaria and the largest city in Bulgaria. There are here many beautiful sightssuch as Bikata Market, National History Museum, Vitosha Natural Park and National Theater Ivan Vazov. This theater is the oldest theater in Bulgaria.

Black Sea

Bulgaria is one of the six countries bordering the Black Sea. The Black Sea is no less than 436,402 km2 and 1,253 meters deep. The coastline of Bulgaria is 378 km long. There are smaller resorts along the coastline.


This beautiful city is located in eastern Bulgaria and has more than 13,000 inhabitants. It is located on a peninsula. The city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city has influences from Greek culture, among other things.


This city has a Mediterranean character. It is the second largest capital of Bulgaria. From Sofia you can also take a day trip make to this city. Visit for example Asen Fortress and Bachkovo Monastery.

Sunny beach

This seaside resort is very popular among young people. The prices are very low. A bottle of beer costs less than a euro. Sunny Beach is also a suitable vacation spot if you have young children. There are many water sports to do and several beaches to visit. You can also discover one of more than 2,000 caves. In addition, there are many other activities to do.

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