On holiday to Saba

Saba is an island in the Caribbean Sea, which originally belonged to the Netherlands Antilles. This warm island currently has green travel advice. In this blog you can read more about this mini-island.

Travel advice

There are different things what to keep in mind if you want to go to Saba. For example, you must request permission by e-mail. Also keep in mind that you must be tested and/or quarantined. This also applies if you are vaccinated if you come from a high-risk area.

Why would you go to Saba?

Despite the fact that Saba is only 13 square meters in size, it is a nice island. In the capital The bottom you can visit different things like the Holy Hearth Church, ladder bay in Christ Church. If you want an active outing, the Ladder Bay is a must. Here you climb hundreds of steep stairs to view a former customs office. The stairs have many curves and eventually lead you to a secluded cove.

In addition, Saba has a tropical monsoon climate. Monsoon represents the wet wind that often occurs there. The average temperature is 30 degrees, which feels fresher because of the wind. An ideal place if you are looking for a sun holiday. Make sure you pack a sweater. In the evening it can be very cool in Saba.

Saba is also a great place to dive and admire the aquatic nature and animals. You can do this at by Tent Reef Wall.

Saba is also the right place for good food. You can enjoy the Caribbean cuisine here. Enjoy dishes with breadfruit, rice and beans. Also try the Johnnycake. This is a flat oil fried pie made from butter, milk and flour.

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