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Tips for feeding problems in your child

Raising a child comes with many challenges. One of these challenges is teaching your child to eat healthy. In this blog you can read tips for a number of nutritional problems that can occur. The ‘I don’t like’ phase Quite a lot of children have this phase during the 2nd …

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On holiday to Bulgaria – vetlife

This sunny country in Southeastern Europe also has green travel advice. A big advantage of going on holiday to Bulgaria is that you don’t in quarantine need. In this blog you can read nice places that you can visit in Bulgaria. Sofia This is the capital of Bulgaria and the …

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Picnic recipes – vetlife

Picnicking is an ideal outing if you don’t want to spend too much money. You can also choose what you want to eat instead of having a limited choice from a menu. With some music, drinks and food you can have hours of fun with your friends or family. Sandwiches …

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