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What should you eat before and after exercise?

By eating well before and after exercise, you recover better and have more energy. In addition, it also supports your progression with sports. What should you eat then? You can read that in this blog. For sports Do not eat too large a meal and do not drink too much …

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Good books to get more knowledge about nutrition

Books written by I’m a foodie The platform I’m a foodie is a evidence-based food collective which is managed by various professionals, such as dietitians and nutrition scientists. There are several books written by them such as ‘Eat Like an Expert’ and ‘Eat Like an Athlete’. Their latest book’Intuitive eating‘ …

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Silver or gold: Which color suits you?

Are you team silver or team gold? Or maybe you can’t choose and you wear both colors of jewelry. Everyone often has a preference, but are you wearing the right color? There are a number of methods to find out, these mainly have to do with cool and warm tones. …

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