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Picnicking is an ideal outing if you don’t want to spend too much money. You can also choose what you want to eat instead of having a limited choice from a menu. With some music, drinks and food you can have hours of fun with your friends or family.


Sandwiches are easy to eat, because you don’t need cutlery. Do not blindly opt for a standard cheese sandwich and make something more special.

This sandwich with tuna salad and apple is nice and fresh and only takes 10 minutes to make. If you don’t like fish that much this club sandwich with brie and egg salad maybe something for you.

Warm meals

This potato tortilla with salmon and dill can you eat hot and cold. That makes a difference if you don’t seem to be hungry later on. This is also easy to eat without cutlery, because you can cut it into pieces beforehand. This also applies to this one Italian Frittata.
Drumsticks are also great for a picnic. Make sure you have somewhere to clean your hands, otherwise it will be very difficult to eat.

Do you want something that you can easily take with you? Then make these wraps. Wraps are tasty cold and hot. You can also adjust the filling to your own taste.

Cold dishes

Do you not need hot food because of the warm weather? No problem. There is plenty of choice in cold dishes. This rice salad is ready within an hour. By adding rice to the salad, you feel full for longer from this salad.

A more exotic variant is this couscous salad. The salad is nice and fresh because of the lamb’s lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. This pasta salad with nectarines is very nice if you often forget to eat fruit. This way you can easily get your necessary vitamins again.


If you want to have a picnic for a long time, it’s nice to bring some snacks, like this one chocolate muffins On chocolate strawberry snacks. If you like savory more you can vegetables with dips take. Of course you can also opt for a healthy snack by bringing fruit.

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