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Sunday is an ideal day to bake. Unfortunately, most baking recipes are high in calories. In this blog I have listed a number of healthier recipes. Then you don’t have to feel guilty anymore when you enjoy your creation.


Many cakes are full of sugar. Bee this plate cake with apple, a little honey is used as a seasoning. This is also the case with this cheesecake with forest fruits. The bottom consists of dates and oatmeal. This fresh cake is highly recommended.

If you love chocolate you must this recipe to attempt. It’s a bit like the forest fruit cheesecake. However, it also contains chocolate peanuts. This makes it immediately a lot less healthy.

If you like savory more you can this carrot cake to make. It is made with whole wheat flour, which makes it a lot healthier.

Would you rather get creative yourself? Then read these tips for making a healthier cake.


A healthier version can be made with oatmeal. The oatmeal provides a firm texture. Bee this recipe it is combined with bananas and dark chocolate. The sweet taste comes from the bananas. Dark chocolate contains less sugar than milk chocolate. You can also combine it with a little peanut butter. As a result, it immediately contains more proteins.

egg cake can be a lot healthier if you use whole wheat flour. Normal egg cakes are made with white flour or flour, which is low in nutrients.


Most ready-made bars in the stores are full of added sugars or fats, so it’s better to make them yourself. This recipe consists of only five ingredients and is ready within 40 minutes. The dark chocolate and dates provide a natural sweet taste. If you feel like chocolate bars you can get these healthier lion bars to make. They are also gluten free.
Would you like to try something completely different? Then make this bar with avocado and bananan. It only takes 10 minutes.


If you need something savory make it these savory egg muffins. This is high in protein, so a good snack for after exercise. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you can make this recipe with blueberries and honey. Good news even apple pie can be made healthier with this recipe of apple pie oatmeal muffins.

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