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In recent years you can buy smoothie bowls at more and more restaurants and cafes. They are very nutritious and very refreshing in the summer. You can eat it for breakfast or lunch. Did you know that you can also easily make smoothie bowls yourself? In this blog you can read some delicious recipes.

Chocolate smoothie bowl

Chocolate literally makes everything tastier. This one chocolate smoothie bowl with peanut butter and banana is a good meal before exercise. The banana provides a lot of energy.

You can also eat this smoothie bowl after exercise if after training meal, because the peanut butter contains protein. It is better to opt for cow or soy milk, because it contains more protein than oat milk.

Muesli smoothie bowl

By adding granola you get a smoothie bowl a little more bite. Bee this recipe you make the granola yourself, which makes it much healthier than using a ready-made granola. Most ready-to-eat granolas are packed with added sugars.
Don’t feel like standing in the kitchen for a long time? Then make this recipe with ready-to-eat granola from BioToday.

Acai smoothie bowl

These smoothie bowls are made with acai powder, which contains many vitamins and minerals. This recipe contains only 4 ingredients. Do you want more one bite? Then make this recipe with muesli. Do you often forget to eat fruit? Then make this recipe with loads of fruit.

Cake smoothie bowls

There are also various smoothie bowl recipes that mimic a cake in taste. give it a try this carrot cake smoothie bowl with dates and banana. If you like more sweet this recipe is strawberry cheesecake very tasty.

coffee bowl

For an energy kick, a coffee bowl is the right choice. This espresso bowl is made with instant coffee and nuts. This recipe is the best of both worlds: coffee and chocolate! You can use coffee of your choice. This way you can adjust the smoothie bowl to your taste.

For vegans is this recipe with vanilla protein powder highly recommended. This makes it a lot easier to meet your protein needs.

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