Recipes from Iranian cuisine

Iran is a neighbor of Iraq and is located in the Middle East. Iran used to be known in the West as Persia. The Persian Empire was much larger than present-day Iran. Iranian cuisine contains many delicious dishes. In this blog I have listed a number of recipes for you.

Chelow kebab

As the name suggests, this is a meat dish. This seasoned minced lamb on a skewer is a national dish of Iran. It is served on a bed of rice. you have for this recipe Not many ingredients needed, namely ground beef or lamb, an onion, black pepper and cumin.


This is a stew that is served with Iranian rice. There are different kinds of variants of this. As this stew with lamb and aubergine by nut stew with chicken and pomegranate. You can make the dishes vegetarian by omitting the meat.

Koeko sabzi

This vegetarian dish is an omelette with fresh herbs. This is eaten as lunch, vegetarian, main course or mezze. Mezze stands for small dishes, for example in the evening with friends. There are also different variants of this. It is also known as kookoo or kuku. It can also be, for example, in the form of a herb frittata made.


This is a dish with Iranian rice. Iranian rice is made in a different way than the Dutch way. Oil is added, creating a crispy layer of rice at the bottom of your pan. This is considered a delicacy. Plov is also called pilav and can be made with different spices such as cumin. It is also served with various ingredients, for example with lamb by chicken.


This is a thick soup which is mainly eaten in winter. It is also often eaten with the New Year. Did you know that the new year in Iran starts in March instead of January? Persian New Year is called Nowruz.

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