Silver or gold: Which color suits you?

Are you team silver or team gold? Or maybe you can’t choose and you wear both colors of jewelry. Everyone often has a preference, but are you wearing the right color? There are a number of methods to find out, these mainly have to do with cool and warm tones. We have listed the methods for you.

Do you have to rub yourself 10 times on the beach because you burn quickly. Then you have a cool undertone and silver jewelry looks better on you. Do you come home after a day at the beach with a beautiful sun-tanned skin. Then you have a warm undertone and gold looks better on you.

Blood vessels
Take a look at your wrist or inside of your arm. Are your veins blue or green? If your veins are blue, you have a pink undertone and cool colors like silver suit you. If your veins are green, you have a yellow undertone and warm colors suit you better, such as gold.

Hair colour
The same goes for hair color. If you have a cool color, such as blond or gray, it is better to choose silver. If you have a warm color, such as brown or red, it is better to choose gold. There is a ‘but’ though. You can dye your hair and this is no longer your natural color. You can also have a warm color blond, such as honey blond. Gold jewelry fits better with that.

A fourth way to find out is to look closely at your eyes. With blue and green eyes, silver is often the best. Gold looks better on brown eyes.

Walk to your wardrobe and see what colors are in it. Grab a cool color like blue, green, purple and a warm color like red, brown, orange, yellow. Keep the garments in front of you and see which one suits you best. The colors of your clothes say something about the color of your jewelry. If the cool color suits you more, then you probably have a cool undertone and choose silver. If the warm colors suit you better, then you go for gold.

If you have both cool and warm tones, then you are in luck and silver and gold will suit you well. And combining cool and warm jewelry is all the rage these days. Apart from all this, of course you have to decide for yourself which color you like best.

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