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A cheese sandwich for lunch is nice and easy. However, it is better for your health to vary. This way you get enough various nutrients. Moreover, that cheese sandwich gets boring after a while. In this blog you will get inspiration for other lunch dishes.

Lunch with egg

With an egg at lunch you get a lot of proteins, which are important for, among other things, maintaining your muscle mass. If you want a quick lunch you can boil an egg or make an omelette.

If you have a little more time, try an egg wrap with herb cheese from met tuna. A whole wheat wrap is the healthiest choice. If you want to go wild, make one croissant roll with egg.

Lunch with soup

During the colder days, a soup will keep you nice and warm. You can eat a slice of bread or crackers with it. If you make a large pan you can eat it for several days. You can also freeze soup.

This Chinese tomato soup is ready and well filled within 30 minutes. It is much healthier and contains less salt than a ready-made can of Chinese tomato soup. Of this broccoli soup you almost get the Recommended Daily Allowance of vegetables. Use vegetable stock if you are a vegetarian.

During the warmer days you can also enjoy cold soupssuch as chickpea soup, avocado soup, and tomato soup.

Lunch with salad

With a salad you get your required portion of vegetables quickly. You can vary a lot, such as couscous salad On Summer rice salade. You can supplement vegetables with whole grain rice, bread, bulgur, couscous and cold pasta. As a garnish you can use cheese, seeds and/or kernels. A salad is also a good choice if you want to lose weight. Then choose salads without grains or bread, such as this green salad with Parmesan cheese and pumpkin seeds.

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