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The vegan cuisine is very diverse. By varying sufficiently in protein-rich products, you get enough protein. Below you can read about a number of protein sources.


Seitan is made from gluten. Gluten is a component of wheat. You have to season seitan yourself, for example by cooking it in a broth. You can use it in many dishes, for example in a Asian vegetable stir fry by Spaghetti.


This is one of the types of mushrooms. For example, you can cut and marinate it like meat. Shiitake goes with many types of dishes. This red lentil soup with shiitake contains a lot of protein due to the combination of lentils and shiitake. It’s also nice in a Risotto. You can make the risotto even smoother by adding vegan cheese. In June 2021, even the first vegan cheese wheel created.

vegan cheese

There are more and more vegan cheeses for sale. At the standard supermarkets you will find the Violife brand and the private label. If you want to eat cheese to get enough protein, Violife is not recommended. This brand contains 0 grams of protein, because it is made from starch. This is about the same as the imitation cheese made on some pizzas.

At more specialized supermarkets (such as the Ekoplaza) you will find vegan cheeses with proteins, such as from the brand Veggi Filata On FITFOOD Vegan Deli. Bee Wilicof can you buy vegan cheeses online? You can also make vegan cheese yourself from cashew nuts by other notes.

You can use it for all dishes with cheese, such as lasagna, Spaghetti On moussaka.

Tofu and tempeh

Both products are made from soybeans. Tofu is made from fermented soy milk and tempeh is made from fermented soybeans. You can vary a lot with tofu and tempeh. For example, it is very tasty in a poke bowl or a on a sandwich.

Edamame beans

These beans are also a good source of protein. You probably know them from the Asian restaurants, where you can order this as a side dish. It is a preparation of unripe soybeans in the pod. In addition to this food as a side dish, you can also use these beans in various dishes, for example in this spaghetti by this salad.

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