The best wines from the Netherlands

For the wine lovers among us, I went in search of the tastiest wines from the Netherlands. In this blog I have listed the different wines.

NS. Martin

The wines of vineyard St. Martin have won several awards. For example, the red wine of ST. Martinus in 2020 the highest score of the 282 participating wines. The Cuvee Carbernet of 2016 has also won an award, namely ‘The best Dutch and Belgian red wine’. The wine estate has been in existence since 1988 and has expanded by buying other vineyards.

The vineyard organizes tastings and tours. You can also take a masterclass on a wine topic of your choice. On the picking days you can help pick grapes. This way you experience the process of wine making.

Kitsberg Chardonnay ‘Powerful’ 2018

This white wine is made in Klein-Gelmen in Limburg. wine estate Kitsberg has been awarded by a German organization as producer of the best white wine in Belgium and the Netherlands. The wine received a score of 90.8 on a scale of 100. The taste has a balance between fruit, wood and acidity.

Solar 2018

This white wine is made in Nijkerk by Wijngaard At the Breede Beek. Several of the wines from this vineyard received awards, including this wine. It tastes full and is made from an early matured Solaris Drijf. The wine contains notes of tropical fruit and a hint of vanilla.

John 2017

This wine is made with Carbernet Cantor, Pinotin and Cabernet Cortis. The combination of these grapes gives it a scent of red fruits, such as berries and cherries. The wine is aged in wood, which gives it aromas of cedar wood.

Gerardus Rose 2018

This rosé wine also comes from the Vineyard St. Martin from Files. It is specially designed for a hotel. This wine also received the prize of best rosé wine from the Netherlands and Belgium. This wine is a good choice as an aperitif.

Do you want to learn more about wines? Then follow a recognized wine course.

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