Traveling to Malta

This southern European island currently has green travel advice. Malta is one of the smallest islands in the Mediterranean. It is only 316 square meters in size. In this blog you can read more about this beautiful island.


This is the capital of Malta. However, it is not big. It is the smallest capital of Europe. Nevertheless, you can enjoy enough culture here. For example, visit the Was a museum, Fortress Elmo by St. John’s Cathedral.


The food in Malta consists of a mix of different cuisines from the surrounding countries. There are influences from Turkey, Greece, North Africa, Spain and Italy, among others. Fresh ingredients are often used. Some typical Maltese dishes are:

This is a savory pastry with ricotta or pea filling.

rabbit stew (rabbit stew)
This is served stewed or fried. A tomato-based gravy is served with it. The stewed version contains very tender meat. The fried version is usually served with fries.

This is a dip made from broad beans and garlic that can be eaten with bread.

Maltese bread
Bread from Malta is sourdough bread that is crispy. It is often baked in wood ovens. Usually it is dipped in olive oil or topped with a type of tomato paste (Kunserva).

This is a ring-shaped bread that is eaten with meals or as a snack. For example, it is filled with fish (sardines or tuna). The vegetarian version is filled with olives, capers, onions and tomatoes.

The beach

Malta many and very nice beaches, such as Golden Bay, by Blue Lagoon Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. Be on time Golden Bay to get a spot. Do you prefer a quieter place to swim? Then go to another beach or bay. There are many different coves and beaches in Malta where you can swim.

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