With this simple trick you can cook and peel eggs more easily

Even the most hopeless home cooks are capable of boiling an egg. However, peeling that egg once it cools is another story. If you’ve ever struggled to peel a boiled egg, this trick from life hacker help you.

This tip for cooking easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs comes from Jacques Pépin, the famous French chef, cookbook author, and television personality. To get perfectly cooked eggs every time, he recommends poking a hole in the wide end of the shell before lowering it into the boiling water. This releases the air pocket inside, making the egg easier to peel once it’s done cooking. Be sure to use something small, such as a thumbtack, to make a small hole without breaking the shell.

Peeling hard-boiled eggs is a common annoyance and chefs have come up with many creative solutions. If you don’t have a thumbtack handy, try tossing your boiled eggs into an ice bath or shelling them underwater to make the process smoother.

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